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Porterhouse Restaurant and Brew Pub

As with Swashbuckler, Porterhouse Restaurant and Brew Pub likewise has an incorrect information issue with their website (or, maybe, have they corrected the matter by now? Doubt it).

What is this….a conspiracy?

They showed the following:

And this:

Only one slight problem…not true.

When I visited on June 29th, the bartender informed me that the in-house microbrewery equipment had been broken for over a month. I understand stuff breaks…no sweat. What I have an issue with is that they are still stating on their website that they brew their own beers. Traveler’s from several hours away need to know this.

What Porterhouse has/had? decided to do in the interim is to offer other microbrews of a high quality and I applaud that. Not bad bait to be switched to as it turned out.

But first, the strictly educational portion of this post.

I would have probably been considerable more frustrated during my visit if I had not planned a two-fer of sorts. I first went to the Michener Museum and spent several hours looking over the life work and legacy of author James Michener (prolific to the point of legendary), walked through a photo exhibit of modern day Ellis Island,   seen the woodworking of  Japanese-American George Nakashima on loan,  and enjoyed the art in the permanent collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist Painters.

An Ellis Island photo from the exhibit:

The pictures taken were of rooms and areas where sick (either physically or mentally) were interred until they got back to good health. If not, they were sent back to where they had come from. Adds an asterisk of sorts to this:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The pictures were kind of haunting…having grandparents who came through Ellis Island made me even more engaged in the exhibit.

Here is a picture of some Nakashima furniture in a traditional Japanese room:

Feel the Zen? I learned that Japanese like odd numbers…the 5 chairs is very intentional as is the non-linear table…the non-congruent shape of the table exists in the straight lines of the room. Balance, harmony…

Impressionist Paintings:

As the Michener Museum website writes,

“The exhibition consists of world-class examples of works by the beloved painters whose names have become synonymous with Bucks County art. These paintings vigorously depict the grandeur and rustic beauty of the Bucks County landscape and are considered the finest collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist art in public or private hands. Drawn largely from the collection given by Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest, this permanent exhibition tells the story of the renowned Impressionist art colony centered in New Hope in the early 20th century.”

The Michener Museum had a common theme in its exhibits…for the lack of a better word, it seems to be yearning for a return to a former better and simpler time. Many of the works of art and exhibits were a deliberate effort to try and fend off the forces of the technocraticism, industrialism, modernism…the assembly-line commodification of society where we know the price of everything but not its worth.  The industrialization of America displaced the agrarian and craftsmen life of an earlier time. Now, we are on the downside of industrialization….we are in consumeristic mode.

Kind of ironic that Bucks County is bucolic and big money: country and cash, crafts and credit cards….see the Mercedes.

Porterhouse is pretty as a postcard…or maybe more like a well-groomed Poodle with a ribbon bow and one of the poofy fur balls at the end of its tail:

Got to thinking that my Temple hat and shirt were a little too Proletarian for the restaurant’s manicured grounds and people. I was like Rocky among the horsey set.

Ah, the works of art themselves: Note the 5 beers (not an even number)

Here are where the exhibits came from:

Sly Fox O’Reilly Stout, Phoenixville, PA.

River Horse Hop-alot-Amus, Lambertville, NJ

Stoudt Pils – Adamstown, PA

Brooklyn Brewing Company Brooklyn Lager, NY

Philadelphia Brewing Company New Bold IPA

The work of Great Masters, all…

To keep the spirit of 40/40, only Philadelphia Brewing Company’s New Bold IPA qualified. I had either had the other beers, or were going to have the beers, or the brewery was not in Pa. It was the only juried item.

Little did Porterhouse know they almost caused the whole 40/40 train to jump its track. I used one of my final days to go there and their lack of being on top of the ball, almost ruined the whole 40/40 idea. I had not a chance to recover from the day lost. I unilaterally decided that drinking PBC New Bold IPA counted. Great to be the judge here…yet, I wanted to do in good conscience.

All in all it was a good day. How could it not be. I love great art!