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Three Dudes @ Sly Fox

When you share something you love with strangers who also love it, you become fast friends. And with men, drinking beer is a amber liquid bond an strong as a chain. These three guys were chilling at Sly Fox when Mike (my brother) and I came rolling in after playing some hoops. The dude in the middle had worked up a sweat eating his hot wings. Like a fire, fortunately the hydrant was within reach. The guy on the left had the best line of the 40/40 Tour thus far.

When I mentioned that I was embarking on an “On the Tap” tour he said he was going to do something like I was doing but a little different. He endeavored to drink beers 40 days straight at Sly Fox. Yes, the Normie award from Cheers goes the gentleman on the left!


Two Belgians from Sly Fox

Sometimes words just are not necessary. The Saison was awesome. The Incubus? Cool bottle (grabbed an empty). My brother Mike and I concluded that the Saison was the best beer of the day. Those Belgians ales are just hard to top. The Saison was tapped-out. Good fortune had it in a bottle.

Sly Fox Brewery Phoenixville, Pa.

This picture says it all. More pics and writing to  follow about Sly Fox

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