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Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant

On my way back from Philly Beer Week, I paid a visit to Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant. It was probably the most “Philly” place I visited. It just had a Philly feel. I have to admit that I am feeling a little bedraggled from all of my travels so this tour is going to be mainly pictorial…

Any place that has a visage of Jimi Hendrix  on the wall is well on its way to impressing me.

‘Scuse me, while I sip my brew….

Here is a shot of the outside:

Manayunk used to not be as hipster as it is now (understatement). Kind of like the homely girl who grows up to be hot. Sorry about being so _________ (insert preferred term for guys who say stuff like this).

Here are some sights from around town:

Philadelphia is a city of murals. This one encourages women to get screened for ovarian cancer (the script is obscured):

Great cause, great art.

The obligatory Philly cheesesteak shop:

A bridge that looms over the main street:

The streets are narrow in Manayunk. I got caught behind two trash trucks trying to get out of town!

This is a poster of an Arts Festival coming up:

There are artisan bakeries, cool toy stores, an herb and spice store, upscale furniture shops, and several hip eateries in town. Plus, a lot else….

Bring on the beers!

With more information:

The beers were fine, nothing exceptional, nothing bad. Solid. I liked the Rauchbier the best:

Here is a piece about Rauchbier from Beer Advocate:



The Rauchbier style is an old German beer style, its origins go back to the 1500’s and to the district of Franconia and the town of Bamberg. It’s typically of dark colour and has similarities of the Oktoberfestbier. Green malts are literally dried over an open fire of beech wood, imparting a unique smokiness (“rauch” is German for smoke), the usage of which produces beers of an acquired taste. Imagine a smokiness so robust, so assertive, that it tastes of spiced, smoked meat.

Was wondering why the place smelled a little like a damp pooch (wet dog):

I am 6’8″ and the “high water line” was eye level. I surmise that being so close to the river causes a persistent poochiness.

The bartender was a jovial guy and we had a good chat. It was a good visit and I would recommend a visit, especially to the outside porch overlooking the river:

There is just something so relaxing about drinking beer, hanging with friends, and watching the river rolling by.

Manayunk is well worth a visit…it has a small town feel with a big city sophistication. While you are there, roll on by the Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant!

I will be in Minneapolis until late Monday night. I will take a break from writing until then unless I can get to a computer for a spell.